As you approach your ride, you will nice the Fast Pass return sign. It shows the current time. This is also where you come when it is time to turn in your Fast Pass. Most of the time, the Fast Pass entrance is right next to the normal standby by entrance, though some of the older rides that were retrofitted for Fast Pass, their entrance is a bit off to the site.
When arriving at the ride, you will see the Stand-By entrance to the ride, with the estimated wait time listed above the entrance. Most of the time, this estimate is pretty close, and is updated every couple of minutes. If the wait time is too long for you, head for the Fast Pass area. You can also go grab a Fast Pass and then jump on the ride and return later and use the Fast Pass
At the entrance to the Fast Pass distribution area, you will notice a sign with two times on it, one hour apart. The sign to the ride lists 1:03 - 2:03 PM. This is the current time that the Fast Passes that are being distributed will have printed on them. So, you know pretty much what your return time will be before you get your Fast Pass. You can see here that the wait to return is about 150 minutes. On popular rides like Soarin', it can be as much as 4 hours.
In each Fast Pass distribution area, there are several machines, so find one that has a short line. This one here look lonely, so we will use it.
Insert your park pass (you will need to insert everyone's park pass in your party that will want a Fast Pass, one at a time of course). It won't matter which way you put it in, just do it as quickly as possible, there will most likely be a big line behind you.
The Machine will suck in the park pass, and, then spit out a Fast Pass in the lower slot, and your park pass will come back out the slot you put it in. Grab the Fast Pass, and remember not to forget your park pass. You would be surprised how many people leave their park passes in the machines. If for some reason the machine has a hard time reading your card, there should be a cast member in each distribution area to help you. They can also manually print out Fast Passes if needed, and they can answer any questions you may have
Take a close look at your Fast Pass. You will note in the example it states "Enter any time between 1:06 PM and 2:06 PM. So, you now have a couple of hours to go eat lunch, go on some other rides or do whatever you want, just remember to return during the one hour window. The other thing to notice on the Fast Pass is it also indicates at what time you can get another Fast Pass. This is for the same ride or any other ride in Walt Disney World, they are all connected together. If you try to get a new Fast Pass before that time, it will print out a Fast Pass with an error message on it. The new Fast Pass time is based on how long your wait is, but is always at least an hour after you get your Fast Pass.
When the time comes to go back to the ride, head to the FastPass return. Make sure it is time, even if you are one minute early, they will not let you in. Each person in your party entering through the Fast Pass entrance is required to have a Fast Pass, with the exception of those who don't have a park pass (those under the age of 3). Show your Fast Pass to the Cast Member, and head in to the ride. You will meet up with the front of the Stand-By line, where you will hand over your Fat Pass and be integrated into the Stand-By line.