So, what exactly is this FastPass?
In early 1999, Disney introduced the Fastpass system to help reduce waits on more popular attractions. By using the Fastpass, you can bypass most of the standby line in the busiest Disney attractions.

I hate lines, can I get a Fastpass?
Anyone in a Disney theme park can get a Fastpass. It does not require a special VIP ticket, or a secret Disney handshake. If you are in the park with a park pass, you can get a Fastpass.

OK, so everyone can get one, but how much will it cost me?

Everyone that has a park pass can get a Fastpass, and can get it for absolutely no cost at all. You cannot buy a Fastpass, they are available equally to everyone in the parks, are are available all day long for free.

Cool, it is free and I get to skip the line, so how do I get one?
Way too much information for this page. Please see Get A Fastpass!

Now that I have a Fastpass, exactly what is it?
Think of it as a way to save your place in line. The computer system is designed to give out a certain number of tickets for each timeframe, and your Fastpass will give you a one hour period in which to claim your place in line. So when your time arrives, your place in line has been saved, and you get to take your place in the front of the line.

My Fastpass says there is a one hour period where I can find Peter Pan. How many times can I ride it in an hour?
your Fastpass is good for one one ride of Peter Pan or whatever ride you have a Fastpass for. When you return for your ride, you give your Fastpass a castmember and will never see it again.

The parks are going to be packed when we go, will the Fastpass line be huge?
Due to the nature of the Fastpass system, whether the parks are crowded or empty, the system will only a certain number of passes for each 5 minute period. So, no matter if the standby line is 5 minutes or 120 minutes, the Fastpass line will always be between 5 and 10 minutes.
The one difference between light and heavy days is that on heavy days, the demand for Fastpasses will be higher, so the time between when you get your Fastpass and when you can enter the queue will be longer.

What happens if I go to get a Fastpass, and my pass doesn't work?

Normally, there will be one or two castmember at the Fastpass station to help you with any questions you have, or if your pass does not work for some reason, they will be able to manually print you a Fastpass.

OK, I get it, I should get into the park and run around and get a Fastpass for each ride first thing, right?
Well, no. When you receive your Fastpass, in addition to the one hour period in which you can return, there will also be printed on the pass the time when you can get a second park pass. It is usually about 60 to 90 minutes from the time you get your first Fastpass until you can get another one. Most of the time, you can only hold one Fastpass at a time, unless the return time is a couple of hours away.

The rest of the family wants to go on Small World, can I pass and go get a Fast Pass for Space Mountain?

It is not required that every pass holder be at the Fastpass machine to get a Fastpass. If you have all of the park passes for each person in your family or group, you can get one Fastpass for each of them. Put in each park pass one at a time, collect all the fast passes, and meet your family at the Small World exit.

We have an infant with us, and they don't have a park pass. How do they get a Fastpass?
If you are not required to have admission to the theme park, you will not be required to have a Fastpass to go in the Fastpass line. The infant is required to ride with someone else who has a valid Fastpass, so you can't just send a 2 year old on Peter Pan 20 times in a row by herself.

I have a lunch reservation for noon, and I want to ride Expedition Everest right after lunch, can I get a specific time to return?
No, you must take the time given to you when you get the Fastpass. You will not be allowed to enter the line prior to the time indicated on the Fastpass, but most castmembers will let you in the line after your one hour period has expired.

So, I can get a Fastpass at the attraction that the Fastpass is for, where else can I get one?
There are no other Fastpass machines in the parks or resorts. The only place to get a Fastpass is at the attraction that offers a Fastpass. If you want a Fastpass for Splash Mountain, you must go to Splash Mountain to get one.

What is the different between Fastpass and Child Swap?
The Child Swap is for parents or guardians who have a child that is not tall enough or too scared to go on a ride. The child swap allows parents who want to ride the ride the chance to do so. Both parents and the child not going must go to the Fastpass entrance, tell the castmember you want to do a child swap, and the castmember will hand you one Fastpass for each member of the family who will be riding it the second time. The one parent stays out with the child(children) who will not be riding, and when the rest of the family returns, the parent who stayed out can then ride with any other kids who want to ride again.